About UKTAF Aikido

(UKTAF) is the UK branch of Takemusu Aiki http: //www.thelondonaikidoclub.co.uk/uktaf.aspxido Kyokai (TAK), the organisation created by Ulf Evenas and Paolo Corallini to nourish, maintain and propagate the Aikido of Morihiro Saito Sensei worldwide.

Link to UKTAF:


3 responses to “About UKTAF Aikido

  1. rajeev nagpal

    I want to visit this Wednesday and start with u. I have been doing few sessions in london before moving here
    My mob is 07455297009

  2. Llanafan Aikido

    Thank you. You are welcome, any time.

  3. G. Miss Glasier

    When is the next Saturday training session

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